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House Mom
Means Business!
A Strictly Traditional Tanning Tale By Thomas!

Unmistakable sounds floated down from the second floor of the large, Victorian home. There was the muted yet brisk smacking of what had to be a wooden hairbrush against a bare bottom, and over this the sorrowful sobbing of the culprit being spanked! Whomever was doing the spanking seemed in no hurry to have it over with. Long brisk flurries of spanks were being supplemented by crisp apparently much harder spanks in a pattern which was being repeated over and over again. The tearful sobbing had a remorseful tenor to it suggesting both self-pity and a resolve that the spanking was still far from over.

Downstairs Heather and Alison had just come into the house after returning home from afternoon lectures at the nearby university. What they heard brought startled looks from both of them as they threw down their books in the family room and flopped down on the couch.

"Not again! You’d think Sally would have learned her lesson from the last time."

"I guess not. I wonder what she did this time?"

The two nineteen year-old sophomores sat listening to their eighteen year-old freshman roommate getting it from their house mother. It was their second year living at the house and both had come to know what to expect if they broke the rules. Five girls in all lived at the house which was presided over by the woman they all addressed as "Mom" even though the woman was not the mother of any of them.

As far as university boarding houses were concerned, this one was very special. The person they all addressed as "Mom" offered to parents far more than just a roof over their daughters’ heads. Mildred Cunningham knew how much parents agonized over their daughters being away from home with nobody to oversee them. In answer to these concerns, Mildred had established a boarding house over which she presided with an iron hand. Not for everyone, the boarding house catered to the daughters of only parents who shared Mildred’s views about discipline and whose daughters at home had been strictly brought up.

The crying from upstairs had grown more troubled and fitful now and the spanks seemed to settle into louder cracks that spoke of even harder smacks. Heather and Alison gulped together and looked at each other, sharing the same thoughts in silence until Alison whispered, "Sally’s really getting it this time. She must have been really bad. "

"She sure is!" Heather nodded. "But it’s her fault. Mom warned her she'd get an even harder spanking after the last time."

"That’s right. Sally should have listened. But it’s too late for that now."

Both Heather and Alison had been spanked by their house mother. Hardly any girl who came to live at the house escaped at least one spanking during her time there. Heather had been spanked twice last year as a freshman and Alison once. Both girls had avoided being spanked as sophomores although they knew very well they would be spanked if they broke the rules. The fact that they were sophomores did not make them immune from spankings. It mattered not what year they were in at university. Last year a girl in her senior year had been spanked at twenty-one years old.

The sounds from upstairs now ceased and it appeared for a minute that the spanking was over. Then a much more sharper cracking could be heard and with this wails of crying from Sally.

"I thought so. This time Sally’s getting it with the hairbrush. That’s the way Mom usually does it. The first time it’s just with the palm of her hand. Then if there is a next time it’s the hairbrush!"

"I guess you should know. Fortunately there has not as yet been a next time for me and I certainly don’t intend that there be so."

The sharper cracking of the hairbrush more clearly penetrated the closed door of the bedroom upstairs and the wailing cries which could be heard coming from Sally, attested to how much it must be hurting. There was sympathy in the expressions of the two girls now as they listened to Sally being spanked with the hairbrush. Both girls had a basis of comparison, each having been spanked at home on occasion.

"She sure spanks a lot harder than my mother used to spank me!"

"Me too. I used to dread being spanked by my mother but her spankings could not hold a candle to how hard Mom spanks."

"I guess it’s because we’re older. My mother stopped spanking me when I turned thirteen years old."

"I didn’t get it from my mother after about the age of nine or ten but she often told me even when I entered my teens that a good hard spanking awaited me should I ever be in need of one."

Sally was now crying all out in response to the crisp hard spanks of the hairbrush. Still there seemed no sign of the spanking soon coming to an end. The two girls downstairs in the family room could only imagine how red and sore Sally’s bottom must be by now.

Upstairs in the bedroom the scene was one of utter crisis for Sally as the hairbrush continued plying her bare bottom with crisp hard spanks, one right after the other with no time for relief between them. The straight backed wooden chair was pulled out from the wall to a place near the end of the bed. Sally was naked head to toe, her recently removed clothes laying on the bed. She was over her house mother’s lap, now with her legs clamped under one of her house mother’s legs and her arm being held firmly out of the way against her back. The eighteen year-old’s bottom was close to being beet red from tip to base. It was puffy and very hot from being so soundly spanked, first with the palm of the hand and now with the hairbrush. Held in a vise-like manner Sally had no way of escaping the spanks of the hairbrush being forcefully applied to her upturned bottom. Her bottom cheeks twitched and quivered with each spank, at times flaring wide apart and at other times huddling close together seeking relief from the blazing sting of the hairbrush. Her head almost touching the floor, Sally’s face was wet with tears and flushed from all her crying. Now howling her distress she was tearfully begging for her house mother to stop spanking her.

Mildred Cunningham was a large woman, certainly large enough to handle with ease an eighteen year old over her lap. She was not fat but she had a big frame and a body featured by broad shoulders, strong arms, a formidable bosom and equally formidable sturdy hips. When seated her lap presented a stable platform cushioned by well fleshed thighs. Her legs were both powerful and agile and were steadied by feet enclosed in sensible wide heeled lace up shoes.

In appearance, Mildred at forty-eight years old projected the image of no nonsense matriarchal authority. Conservatively dressed her hair was turned up loosely in a bun. Using a sparse amount of lipstick and make up her face was stern but in a motherly sort of way. This afternoon she was wearing a high collared white blouse which buttoned at the throat and was ruffled around the neck. The right sleeve of her blouse had been neatly turned up to above the elbow, the other sleeve remaining buttoned at the cuff. She wore a light material navy blue skirt which in sitting down she had raised to bare almost all of her thighs. The tops of her nylon stockings could now be seen, being held up in place by a garter belt, the tabs of which now lay exposed along with the bare flesh of her thighs above her stockings.

In comparison to her house mother’s size and generously proportioned figure, Sally was almost child-like turned over her house mother’s lap. Of average height for an eighteen year old, Sally was a pretty young lady not quite having fully matured in body and as today’s events had confirmed with a great deal of growing up still to do. Sally had blond hair and big blue eyes giving her that look of sweet innocence which sometimes can be so misleading. She had a small boned frame and a figure which had nicely developed although still with some developing to do. Her smallish but well shaped breasts were balanced by shapely hips and between the two she had a flat tummy and a trim tidy waist. Her legs were well curved and she had small pretty feet. The part of Sally’s anatomy now being given all the attention was a nicely chubby round bottom which protruded invitingly out behind her when she was on her feet. Over her house mother’s lap Sally’s bottom presented no less an inviting picture, but of more interest to her house mother, a broad expanse to work on.

A Mildred Cunningham was just what was needed for Sally who was living away from home for the first time in her life. At home Sally had always required a close rein. It was not that she was a bad child but she was head strong and inclined to be quite sneaky in having things her own way. Her parents, particularly her mother had kept close tabs on Sally as a teenager, not allowing her to run wild as a great many teenagers were inclined to do.

It had been Sally’s mother who had found out about Mildred Cunningham’s boarding house. She had made a special trip to see it for herself and had liked very much what she saw. Having a long talk with Mildred about her daughter she had told the house mother that Sally still had a lot of growing up to do. She was concerned that her daughter being on her own for the first time would go astray unless there was someone to keep a close eye on her. Mildred had assured Sally’s mother that this was just what she did with all the girls who lived at her boarding house, then adding that Sally must be prepared to accept discipline if she was to be coming to live with her at her house. They discussed discipline for a few minutes and from this discussion Mildred had been satisfied that she and Sally’s mother saw eye to eye on the subject. Sally had been spanked at home and had even been given a couple of teenage spankings by her mother. "She would never admit it to her friends but Sally is one teenager who has had her bottom warmed by me on more than one occasion for not behaving herself properly."

Sally’s mother had been right about her daughter. Living away from home for the first time Sally had quickly demonstrated the need to be closely watched and supervised. Now less than two months away from home she was being spanked by her house mother for the second time. The first spanking had been for a curfew violation but this time it was considerably more serious. This afternoon Sally had chosen to skip a biology lab in favor of playing some tennis with a friend. She never made it to the tennis court.

Keeping track of the schedules of all the girls who lived with her, Mildred had thought something to be strange when Sally arrived home this afternoon at an hour when she should have been at her biology lab. Arriving home Sally intercepted her when she came back downstairs and was heading out the door.

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"Aren’t you supposed to be at a biology lab this afternoon?"

"Er, it was canceled. I’m going to play some tennis with a friend."

"Hold on there, not so fast! You say your biology lab was canceled. Why was this?"

"I-I don’t r-really know. I’ve got to go now. I’m late."

"Just a minute, young lady, I don’t like what I am hearing at all!"

Stopped in her tracks Sally could sense trouble. Eyes downcast she tried to avoid looking at her house mother who now stepped forward to face her directly.

"Young lady, are you sure that you are telling me the truth about your biology lab having been canceled!?"

A tense silence told Mildred all that she needed to know.

"Your biology lab was not canceled, was it Sally? You skipped the biology lab to go and play tennis. Is this not correct!?"

Sally hung her head and in a low voice of defeat admitted that her biology lab had not in fact been canceled.

"I think we had better go upstairs to my room and talk further about this, Sally. Come along with me!"

Always ready when necessary to deal with such matters Mildred took Sally on upstairs to her room and there with the door closed sat her down on the end of the bed.

"Now then, Sally, suppose we start at the beginning again, shall we?"

In a firm no nonsense manner Mildred went over things again with Sally, having Sally agree that she had skipped the biology lab to go and play tennis and that she had been untruthful in suggesting that the biology lab had been canceled. Sally now realizing the trouble she was in said she was sorry for having tried to mislead her house mother and that she should not have skipped the lab to go and play tennis. There then followed the sort of talking to Mildred was very good at and which those familiar with her ways knew meant a spanking was forthcoming.

Listening to her house mother quietly but firmly talking to her about how important it was for her to attend all her classes Sally grew more and more despondent. Her gloom increased when listening to her house mother expressing disappointment over her being untruthful with her and then going on to explain that telling lies at eighteen years old was a very serious matter. By the end of the talking to Sally had been reduced to tears. Tears were something Mildred was used to and she never let tears influence her in doing what had to be done in the management and disciplining of those she had under her charge. Handing Sally a Kleenex she turned from the bed and going to the bedroom windows drew the curtains closed. Then, turning to face Sally she spoke in a somber tone. "You are going to be spanked, Sally. I think you know that this is what you deserve."

Approaching the bed again Mildred added to Sally’s woes. "I want you to take all your clothes off. I am afraid this time we are going to have to be quite severe with you."

There had been no getting undressed for the earlier spankings Sally had been given by her house mother. On the evening following the curfew violation she had been sent upstairs right after supper to have an early bath and get into her pajamas. Reporting to her house mother’s room she had then simply been taken over her house mother’s lap and with her pajama bottoms down at her knees given a good handspanking, after which her pajama bottoms had been pulled back up in place and she had gone off to her room to commiserate. It had been later that evening when Sally, having fully recovered from the handspanking had been warned by her house mother in the presence of the other girls then getting ready for bed that the spanking she had been given was far less than she could expect to receive if she had to be spanked again.

Sally now realized that her house mother’s warning had come home to roost. Were there need for any further confirmation of this it was supplied when, going over to her dresser Mildred produced the hairbrush from her dresser drawer. Seeing the hairbrush being brought out Sally burst out into a flood of tears, still not having moved from her place seated on the end of the bed.

"I believe that I told you to do something, young lady! Get to it! Everything off!"

Mildred’s presence at anytime commanded attention. On occasions such as this her presence was wholly intimidating. Sally getting control of herself stood up from the bed. Under the stern gaze of her house mother she began undressing. First taking her sneakers and socks off she then got out of her shirt and tennis shorts. Already feeling very vulnerable she looked hopefully at her house mother.

"Everything means underwear as well, Sally! Quickly now!"

Whimpering Sally took off her undershirt and dropped it on the bed with her other clothes. Then she took down and off her underpants and after discarding them on the bed straightened up and stood still.

"Aren’t you forgetting something there? Off with your bra!"

A deep blush spread over Sally’s face in removing what perhaps more than anything else attested to her being not just a child of seven or eight years old. Deprived of her bra and now standing naked head to toe Sally felt every bit a naughty little girl in looking at her house mother with the hairbrush in her hand.

The black ebony wooden hairbrush was made for spanking. Its long concave handle was easily gripped. It had a sizable smooth flat oval shaped back well rounded at the edges. Its weight packed a wallop capable of being delivered with hardly more than a snap of the wrist. Although unused for brushing hair for many years the hairbrush had natural bristles tightly cropped together and adding to the hairbrush’s overall weight. Mildred had acquired the hairbrush years ago from her own mother. It had seen service by her mother in raising five children and Mildred knew only too well from her own childhood how blazing a sting it imparted when being applied to the bare bottom.

From the corner of the room, Mildred moved a straight backed wooden chair to a spot near the end of the bed and seated herself on the padded seat. Like the hairbrush, the sturdy chair with its solid legs and contoured seat saw service only on occasions such as this. Otherwise it remained in the corner as a reminder to those who visited their house mother’s room of what lay in store for those who did not behave themselves properly. Within the confines of the house the antique blue painted chair had come to be referred to as "Mom’s spanking chair". Along with the hairbrush, its presence front and center meant big trouble for the person there to see it being moved into place.

Turning up her sleeve, Mildred had Sally come and stand in front of her. The eighteen year old without any clothes on was terribly shamed and apprehensive in presenting herself at her house mother’s knees. Clearly what was happening was far more awful than the spanking Sally had been given a few weeks ago for the curfew violation. Standing head bowed Sally whimpered her feelings in watching her house mother making adjustments to her skirt to receive her over her lap. "Th-this is s-so v-very em-embarrassing. Until c-coming to live w-with you I h-had not b-een sp-spanked at h-home since I w-was a l-little girl."

It was another lie and of course the house mother knew that it was, having been told by Sally’s mother that she had spanked Sally on more than one occasion as a teenager. Reaching out and placing her hand under Sally’s chin, Mildred raised the eighteen year old’s head so that they were looking each other right in the eyes.

"What you just said is not true, Sally. Your mother has told me that she has spanked you more than once as a teenager. You must learn to be more truthful. In the space of but a few minutes you have lied to me twice. We can’t have this continuing and that is something we are going to address now. Over my lap you go now while I see what can be done to impress upon you that you are not to skip classes and are not to be telling lies anymore.

The handspanking had been a lengthy one during which Mildred had had no difficulty in restraining Sally over her lap. Amid twistings and squirmings of Sally over her lap Mildred had thoroughly reddened the eighteen year old’s upturned bottom with the flat palm of her large hand, which by its size and texture felt like a board being repeatedly smacked down good and hard.

Raising her arm high in the air between spanks Mildred with a tight hold around Sally’s waist made Sally forget about all else but the fire being kindled in her bottom in administering crisp hard spanks, one right after the other and with very few pauses, these being to shift the eighteen year old back in position over her lap or remove an interfering hand. Moving Sally well forward over her lap so that kicking legs had nothing for leverage Mildred did not let Sally’s tears prevent her from going over both bottom cheeks time and time again in a seemingly endless pattern ever more reddening the eighteen year old’s bottom until finally deciding Sally’s bottom was ready to be addressed by the hairbrush.

For the hairbrush, Mildred moved Sally over one thigh, then clamped her leg down over Sally’s. She knew there was need for further restraint when spanking with the hairbrush. Already having captured Sally’s flailing arm to hold it out of the way against her back, Mildred’s leg clamped over Sally’s legs assured that the eighteen year old would be going nowhere while the hairbrush took up where the handspanking had left off. This adjustment made, Mildred then resumed the spanking with the hairbrush.

It took one quarter the effort with three times the result when spanking with the hairbrush. Raising the hairbrush no higher than her shoulder Mildred brought the hairbrush down with a snap of her wrist. The snap of her wrist both added velocity to the spanks and assured the hairbrush landed squarely on its target with each spank. The sting of the hairbrush was atrocious and Sally’s response was frantic as spank after spank descended on what was already a very sore bottom. Straining for all she was worth Sally had no way of escaping from her house mother’s lap, her legs having been rendered immobile and her arm being firmly held against her back. Hurting like the dickens, Sally had nowhere to go. Her bottom cheeks feeling they were being stung by a swarm of angry bees sought refuge in a futile effort to hide from the hairbrush. Huddling together and flaring wide apart they found no place to hide. Loud unrestrained wails of crying expressed Sally’s utter despair at having nothing she could do but endure the blazing sting of spank after spank of the hairbrush with no end to her suffering in sight.

Back downstairs another of the boarders had arrived home. Virginia, a twenty year old junior came into the family room amidst howls of crying and the cracking of the hairbrush coming from upstairs.

"Wow! Whose that upstairs getting it from Mom!?"

"It’s Sally. Can you believe it? She was only just spanked by Mom a few weeks ago and here she is getting it again."

"I’ll say she’s getting it! How long has it been going on?"

"It seems like ages! I don’t know what Sally did but whatever it was she is paying dearly for it."

The three girls now sat listening to Sally being spanked upstairs, all three caught up in Sally’s obvious terrible distress. Sally’s crying had a frenzied urgency to it which could be well understood by anyone who had themselves undergone a spanking with the house mother’s hairbrush. Virginia being one such person to have experienced the hairbrush was no less awed than the two sophomores as they listened to Sally’s frantic crying and the relentless cracking of the hairbrush.

Instinct told Mildred when she had spanked long enough. She never heeded any pleas for an end to the spanking, no matter how tearful they might be. Sally had been literally begging amid wails of crying for her to stop spanking but Mildred had persevered knowing that this was when the spanking was doing the most good. Spankings had to be made to hurt a great deal if they were to be of any value and Mildred knew this to be especially so for someone of Sally’s age. But now with both bottom cheeks a dark beet red color, Mildred’s instincts told her that Sally had been spanked long enough. The fight had all gone out of the eighteen year old and she was now laying almost without movement over her lap. Mildred could tell that Sally’s bottom had been spanked almost numb and that further spanking would not be productive. Ending the spanking with four final very hard spanks, she let the hairbrush then come to rest. Sally had been very severely spanked and Mildred was satisfied that it was a spanking that the eighteen year old would not soon forget.

The spanking over, Mildred gave Sally a minute or so to collect her composure before having her get up off her lap. So distraught was Sally that she needed help getting to her feet. On her feet, Sally’s hands sought out the source of all her distress and she stood rubbing her bottom with both hands. Mildred reached out and, placing her hands on Sally’s shoulders spoke to her in a quiet firm manner.

"Now then Sally, what is it that you are not going to do anymore? There are two things, aren’t there?"

Sally was all choked up and was unable to answer immediately. Mildred continuing to hold Sally by the shoulders quietly coaxed an answer from the soundly spanked eighteen year old.

"Come now Sally, I want you to tell me what the lesson was that you learned here this afternoon and after you have done this you can go along to your room."

In a faltering voice Sally eventually managed a reply.

"I-I am n-not to sk-skip anymore cl-classes and n-not t-tell any-anymore lies."

"Yes Sally, that’s what I want to hear from you. Lets hope that what has happened here this afternoon will assure that you do not forget these things. Now, gather up your clothes and go to your room."

Downstairs in the family room all three girls expressed relief it was at last over. They heard the bedroom door open and Sally sobbing as she went down the hall to her room. Then, with the door to Sally’s room closed all was quiet once more.

"Poor Sally, I don’t think we will be seeing her for supper this evening."

"I would think not. That’s got to be one well spanked bottom she has!"

"It surely must be! Mom really gave it to her this time. I’ll bet if Sally has anything to say about it she won’t be doing anything from now on to risk being spanked again."

"That’s for sure!"

Mildred’s remedy for well spanked sore bottoms was the same as her mother’s had been. After attending to supper for her other boarders she went to Sally’s room, bringing with her the large jar of Pond’s cold cream. There ministering to Sally’s very sore bottom she had some soothing words for the eighteen year old to supplement the soothing of the cold cream.

"I think you know, Sally, that what was done this afternoon was done for your own good. I’m sorry I had to be so severe with you. You needed something to settle you down and now that we have done this I am sure that your first year away from home is going to proceed in a much more orderly manner. A good night’s sleep will put all of this behind you and then you can start out fresh. You’re going to be just fine."

Sally put to bed for the night, the woman they all addressed as "Mom" returned downstairs to check on the progress of her other boarders in cleaning up the kitchen and to assure that they all then got right down to their studies Being "Mom" to five boisterous young ladies kept Mildred Cunningham ever vigilant in seeing to it that her boarders all toed the line.

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