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The Morning After!
Another delightful domestic discipline ditty,
this time by T. O'Malley!

Hiding a yawn behind her small, delicate hand, 21-year-old Ashley Howard stumbled into the kitchen of the home she shared with her parents & sisters. Pretty, petite & only five-foot-two, the young woman looked more like a girl than the shapely, fully developed young woman she was under the oversized football jersey she used as a nightshirt, especially with her long brown hair tousled & her big brown eyes blurry from lack of sleep.

Ashley & her best friend Sue had decided to go dancing the night before. Being Friday, the club was crowded with good looking guys & they'd flirted & partied until the place closed. That was at 2:00 a.m., an hour after the curfew her dinosaur of a mother had reminded her of before she left, which made her a little nervous. But with couple of drinks & Sue's encouragement, Ashley had courageously decided she was too old for a curfew the night before & that she would show her mother that once & for all.

The alcohol had worked its way out Ashley's system while she slept. And so had most of courage. She'd listened at the top of the stairs before coming down & was grateful the house was empty so she could sip at a her cup of instant coffee & prepare for the confrontation she knew would come when her mother got home, which occurred about 10 minutes later when she heard her car crunch up the drive. Fear almost made the girl go hide back upstairs. But she sucked up her waning courage & sat her ground.

"I'm NOT a little girl anymore! I just turned 21 for God's sakes! I'm an ADULT! And she's NOT the boss of me!" Ashley silently repeated to psyche herself up as she heard, then saw her mother come through the side door into the kitchen.

"Well, good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty," Nancy Howard said sardonically. It was only a little after 11:30.

"Good morning, mother," Ashley countered with an obvious hint of exasperation in her tone.

"Oh, my mistake," the attractive, 44-year-old mother of four girls replied with a sarcastic chuckle. Ashley was the eldest, her next was 18, & the twins were 14. "I guess inability to tell time runs in the family?"

Ashley ground her teeth to keep from groaning out loud as Nancy stood looking down at her as if expecting an answer to her stupid dig. Her mother really thought she was cute sometimes. The daughter had inherited her mom's brown hair & eyes, but some quirk of genetic fate, she had not inherited her size. Nancy Howard stood five-foot-nine without heels &, while not heavy, was solidly built & strong.

"Or," Nancy said, now in a straight, stern tone, "Did you just forget what time your curfew is?"

"No, I didn't forget," Ashley nervously answered, brushing at her hair with one hand. "I-I just think I'm too old for it, that's all."

"Oh, you do? Well, isn't that special," Nancy chirped. "My little girl made a decision without bothering to discuss it with me or to mention it when I reminded her to be home by 1:00! Hmmmm... Let's see... I guess that means my independent little Miss had this brainstorm last night? And all on her own? Maybe. But then, I don't think so. Not with spoiled brat Sue tagging along..."

"Cut it out, Mom!" Ashley interrupted with an angry, impatient wave of her hand. "It wasn't Sue! It was me! And yes, I made the decision last night after I left. I'm too old for a curfew, & that's that!"

"Oh, that's that, is it?" Nancy replied as her own ire rose.

"Yes. I'm 21 now..." Ashley began.

"For a whole week even!" Nancy interjected.

"How long doesn't matter," the determined daughter continued. "I'm 21! I'm a legal adult! And that means I'm too old for curfew!!"

"Really?" Nancy Howard growled. "So I suppose that now that you're such a mature, free thinking adult, you also believe you're too old to go over my knee for the SPANKING OF YOUR LIFE?!"

"WHAT?!" Ashley gasped & instantaneously blushed to the roots of her hair. "A-A SPANKING?! Momma, I’m NOT a child anymore! Y-You CAN'T!!"

"No, & I haven't spanked you for a couple of years now," Nancy replied. "But you can bet your cheeky, 21-year-old ass that I am going to right here & now, young lady!!"

Ashley's eyes flew open as her bottom cheeks contracted in a pucker. She immediately realized that challenging her mother the way she had was a big, big mistake. And, knowing her mother as well as she did, she was also sure she was NOT going to get out of paying the humiliatingly childish, positively painful penalty she had just sentenced her to for her disobedience & disrespect.

"B-B-But Mommmmma!  I'll just die of shame," Ashley mewled, although she knew she would NOT be that lucky.

"No you won't, little girl," Nancy Howard assured her daughter as she got right down to business & yanked a chair out from under the table & carried it with her into the center of the kitchen.

"Oh momma, pleeeeeez d-don't," Ashley whined. "Please punish me some other way!"

"Not a chance," Nancy announced as she sat & glared at her rebellious daughter. "And if you don't get over my knee this instant, little girl, I'll drag you to my bedroom & raise blisters on your saucy little seat with my hairbrush!"

"Ohhhhh nooooooo!!" Ashley moaned & shivered with fear. She knew that her mother didn’t bluff & was more than strong enough to carry through with her threat, regardless of whether Ashley wanted her to or not. A hand spanking was bad enough, but a hairbrushing was a truly agonizing ordeal!

"So you want the hairbrush then? Fine," Nancy snarled & began to rise.

"NO!" Ashley barked & jumped to her feet. The 21-year-old's bottom puckered & tingled as she baby-stepped the short distance to her mother & tried to accept the fact that she was going over her lap for a spanking.

How could this be? Last night she had felt so courageous. So mature. So confident & sure. Now, after just a few minute confrontation with her loving but too strict nemesis, she was going to be spanked like a naughty little girl!!!

Nancy reached out as soon as her daughter was near enough & pulled her between her spread knees by the front of her football jersey. Then she lifted the hem above her waist & ordered her daughter to hold it there while she lowered her little, black bikini panties until they dropped around her ankles.

"This is sooooo humiliating!" Ashley's blush deepened to a crimson hue as she stepped out of them & stood naked from waist to toes waiting the order she now wanted as much as hated.

"Oh, don’t be so melodramatic!" Nancy scoffed. "Your sisters won’t be back until after lunch & your Daddy is on the golf course with his friends. And I’ve certainly seen you bare before! Who do you think birthed you, bathed you, wiped your bottom & diapered you, & dressed you for a good part of your life?"

Ashley winced at her mother’s words. It embarrassed her to hear her mother say things like that, but she knew better than to ignore the question. She whispered, "You did, Momma."

"That's right, little girl!" Nancy crowed. Then she pointed at her lap, waited for her daughter to climb over, & flipped the jersey up high on her back, exposing her daughter's sweet, heart-shaped seat. "And who do you think spanked this naughty little bottom when it needed it?"

"You did, Momma," Ashley groaned as her mother's hand cupped one of her bare bottom cheeks with familiarity. It had been about a year & a half since Ashley had last been in this humbling position. But neither mother nor daughter needed to tax their memories to remember it or what old-fashioned domestic discipline was about.

In fact, with four healthy, rambunctious girls about, spankings were a fairly common occurrence in the Howard household. All were administered by Nancy, the family disciplinarian, & on the bare. Hand spankings in the kitchen were the norm, for it was most used room in the house & Nancy needed little else to make a tearful impression, even on Ashley's younger sisters, who were all bigger than she. But, occasionally, when one of her girls was really bad, Nancy would take them to her bedroom & employ the big, wooden hairbrush she kept there until loud heartfelt crying & screams could be heard throughout the house.

Ashley was relieved that her mother hadn't chosen to use the brush. But she was only a little less afraid of her big, hard hand & no less embarrassed by the shameful, helpless, utterly childish position she was in. Ashley didn’t resist as her mother adjusted her position with practiced ease, making sure her pouting posterior pointed up at the ceiling & only her toes touched the floor.

The 21-year-old naughty girl knew she be drumming those digits into the linoleum before her spanking was through, & that a pool of tears would form on the floor at the other end. And, as Nancy gripped her daughter’s waist tightly, she also knew she wasn't going to be able to escape or stop her pain until her mother was through, regardless of how hard she bawled, begged, bucked or kicked.

"Young lady, I am going to spank this cheeky little bottom of yours until there isn't a doubt in your silly little head that I am your mother, you are my daughter, & that what I say goes as long as you live under this roof," Nancy declared.

"Yessss, Mommmma. I see that now. I'll never do it again," Ashley mewled, foolishly hoping she could circumvent some of her punishment with a submissive mien.

"No, I don't think you will," Nancy agreed as she surveyed her daughter's derriere. The cheeks seemed to have lost some of the baby fat they had the last time they lay spread over her knee. But the twin mounds were still girlishly rounded & meaty enough to absorb the sound spanking she was about to give them.

"Oh, pleeeeez, Momma, get on with it!" Ashley pleaded as she nervously stared at the floor. Swallowing what little was left of her pride, she gasped, "I-I was wrong. I-I deserve a good s-spanking. Please give it me now!"

Nancy knew she was being played, but didn't care. Ashley had already learned a part of her lesson, & there was no need to delay the rest. Lifting her big hand, she stiffened the muscles in her wrist &, without further ado, began raining down spanks across both bare, upturned, cheeks in a blur of motion & scalding message of pain.

Ashley's body tensed into a bow at the sudden assault on her seat & senses. Her eyes flew open & her mouth opened wide as if to scream, but no sound emerged until each of her cringing cheeks blushed from 5 imprints of her mother's rapidly rising & falling hand. Then, as if making up for lost time, loud squeals & shouts of protest burst from her little body in one long torrent.

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Ashley wiggled & squirmed around on her mother’s lap as much as she could as scalding waves of pain burned deep into her butt cheeks. She began bucking her hips & kicking her legs up & down as additional, stinging slaps landed, intensifying the heat & pain.


"I’ll decide when you’ve had enough!" Nancy barked & kept slapping away. Her arm was a blur of motion. She slapped from the tippy top of Ashley’s butt cheeks down to the base, & then back up again. "You just lay there & think about what deliberately disobeying me is getting you!"


"OWWEEEE! I'M SORRREEEEE MOMMA! I'M SORREEEEEE!!" Ashley shrieked at the top of her lungs, & with enough sincerity to cover any & every crime she had ever committed! Although her spanking had barely just begun, the rebellious 21-year-old was a sorry, very sore-bottomed daughter. Sorry for what she'd done. Sorry she was being punished for it. And hell... which was where it felt her ass was right now... She was even sorry she'd ever been born!!


Nancy never took her eye off her daughters' heaving, reddening hindquarters. Every slap was aimed & looked in to make sure it struck exactly where she wanted it, which ensured even coverage of stinging, burning pain & the resultant hues of pink & red that blossomed in the wake of every white impact.

"AAA-IIIIIIIII-EEEEEEEE!" Ashley shrieked as the scalding sting of each hard smack merged into a raging, roaring firestorm of pain. Each slap was a fiery brand on top of already flaming agony. The tears that she'd been able to bat back with fluttering eyelashes begin to drip forth. Then, as if a cloud had burst, they spilled from her eyes like rain as she began to bawl like a baby, with all heart, soul & suffering... "BOOO-HOOO-HOOOO!! OHHHH!! BOOO-HOOOO-HOOOO!!"

Nancy held her squirming womanchild in place & landed slap after scalding slap to her bare, bouncing, jiggling, clenching, twitching, tumultuously tossing twin hills. She’d watched them go from milky white to pink & red. But they had some more coloring to do before they matched the glowing scarlet she was looking for.


"Having fun party girl?" Nancy scolded between cracking smacks.

"N-NOOOOOOO!!" Ashley bawled. "NOOOOOOOOO!!"

"Want another spanking tomorrow?" SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! "And the day after that?" SWAT! CRACK! WHACK! "An the one after that, too?" The determined maternal disciplinarian asked as revisited every inch of her naughty daughter's scorched bottom flesh with hard, stinging slaps yet again.

"N-NOOO!! WA-WAA-WAAAAA!! OH, LORD.... NOOOOOOO!!!!" Ashley wailed as best she could between gulps of air & wracking sobs that began to build in her young, suffering body.

"Then you'd better..." SLAP! SLAPP! SLAPP!! "Learn to mind me little girl..." SMACK! SLAP! SLAPPPP! "Or you WILL be!!"

"WAA-WAAA-WAAAA! I-I'll NEVERRR BEEEE NAWWWTEEEE A-A-AGAINNNN! BOO-HOO-HOOOO!!" Ashley blubbered as she flailed her legs through the air & scissored them open & closed. The biting, burning pain in her butt cheeks had reached & passed the point where she cared if & what her mother could see. No matter how much she wiggled & squirmed, she couldn’t avoid the remorseless slaps.

Nancy knew her big bad baby was ready to really burst. Her naughty bottom was the color of ripe red tomatoes & radiating more than enough heat to feel over the heat in her own spanking hand as she allowed it to come to rest on one rounded, rosy rump cheek.

Ashley collapsed over her mother's lap but continued to ballyhoo... "WAAAA-WAAAA-WAAAAAAA!!" She knew the respite would be short-lived & the worst was yet to come.

"Like it or not, little girl, you have a curfew!" Nancy barked. When I tell you to be home at 1:00 a.m., I mean 1:00! NOT 1:15! NOT 1:30!! And definitely NOT 2:30!!"

"I KNOW, MOMMMMMAAAA," Ashley bellowed between her tears & sobs. "I-I'M SORREEEE, MOMMAAAA!! S-S-SOOOO SORREEEEEEE!!!"

"I know you are NOW, Missy," Nancy snorted loudly enough to be heard over her naughty little girl's histrionics. "But what about the next time you get too big for your britches? What's going to happen then?"

"BOO-HOO-HOOOO!! WAAA-WAAAA-WAAAAA!! OWWWWWWW!!!" Ashley wailed in response to the painful squeeze her mother administered to her flaming fanny cheek & the shameful declaration she knew she had to make. Sucking up air & resolve at the same time, she lifted her tear-streaked face & howled, "I-I'M GONNA GET MY BARE BOTTOM SPANKED!!!"

"That's right," Nancy agreed. "You'll NEVER be too old to go over Momma's knee, little girl. And you'll NEVER be too old to cry like a little bitty baby by the time Momma finishes spanking you, now will you? Not now. Not 10 years from now. Not a hundred years from now! Is that crystal clear, little girl?"

"BOO-HOO-HOOOO!! WAAAAA-WAAAAAA-WAAAAAAA!!" Ashley cried even harder as she realized her mother expected a response & that it had better be the one she was looking for. Being bare bottom spanked at 21 was horrible enough. But agreeing to be spanked like a little girl over her mother's knee for the rest of her life was too humiliating to contemplate, especially since she knew her mother would NOT forget!

"Don't make me repeat myself, Ashley Anne Howard," Nancy gritted as she gave her daughter's damaged derriere another good squeeze.

"OWWWW!! NOOOOOO!!" The suffering woman-child squirmed & squealed, "N-NOOOO MOMMMMA! NEVER!! I-I'LL NEVER BE TOO OLD TO BAWL LIKE A BABY OVER YOUR KNEEEEE!!"

"All right then," Nancy said with a smile. Gazing down at her daughter, she felt proud of the somewhat incongruous sight of her mature, young womanly body & the bright-red, freshly flushed bottom cheeks that she'd spanked since Ashley was a child. And, the mother was determined, would spank again & yet again as long as she had breath in her body & the strength to lift her arm!

"OHHH PLEEEEZ, MOMMMMMA!!" Ashley let out a pitiful wail. She knew her mother wasn't finished spanking her yet, & only wanted it to end. "PLEEEEZ GET IT OVER WITH!!!"

"Since you asked so politely," Nancy replied & got back to the matter at hand. To end the spanking, she administered a long barrage of slaps across the base of Ashley’s bottom, right along that supersensitive crease where butt cheeks & thighs merge. She also added some snap to her wrist & put a lot of force into each slap, making each seem like the strike of a fiery snake that was being used as a whip to strike & bite the tender flesh at one & the same time.


Trying to prepare for the pain was impossible, Ashley knew, though she tried & failed yet again to do just that. She couldn't help it. Neither could she control the heartfelt, total body belching blubbering that burst from her when her mother had slapped each lower slope of her sizzling seat a mere 5 times. There was no use trying to hold in her anguish, or to resist the instinctive impulse to collapse over her merciless mother's knees & wail like a wounded animal as she continued to spank her & for many minutes after she had stopped.


"It's alright, sweet girl. It's over now," Nancy began to croon when she judged her well-punished daughter would be coming back from the deaf depths of despair she had spanked her to. Ashley's full, fleshly fanny & thigh tops were the color of the setting sun on a hot Summer's day & nearly as hot to the touch. And, although the young woman lay limply over her mother’s lap for a couple of minutes after her spanking was over, her bottom & thighs wriggled & winked as if they had a mind & life of their own that wanted nothing more than to work out some of the anguish visited upon them.

"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo... Sniffle... Snort... I'll NEVER be bad again, Momma! I SWEAR I won't," Ashley mewled when she was finally able to climb off her mother's lap. She wiped wet tendrils of hair from her face & her nose & eyes with one hand, & gently tried to ease the burning throb in her hindquarters with the other, but her bottom & thighs were still too sore to touch without adding to the pain. 

"I know, sweet girl," Nancy soothed, although she suspected the odds were against her daughter being able to honor her vow. The punishment was over & the time for truth would come in its own time. Right now, it was time for mother to comfort daughter, which Nancy did. Rising, she wrapped Ashley in a big, warm hug & whispered words of love against her hair as the girl buried her face in her mother's shoulder & continued to sniffle softly.

"I-I'm sorry I worried you so much, Momma," Ashley eventually whispered into her mother's now damp blouse. "I-I won't do it again. I-I really won't. I-I deserved that spanking."

"I know, sweet girl," Nancy soothed yet again. Then she reached down to raise her daughter's quivering chin & look into her red, swollen eyes. "I love you more than life itself, Ashley. I truly do."

"I know, Momma," Ashley whispered. She knew her mother was telling the truth & that she only punished her for her own good, although the pain of the thorough spanking she'd just endured was still so fresh that it made that fact harder to believe. Even so, the properly punished 19-year-old looked into her mother's eyes & shyly whispered, "A-And I know I deserved what I got. Thank you for spanking me, Momma."

Nancy smiled gently. "You're welcome," she purred. "Now, let's go get you cleaned up. But first..."

Ashley's bright red blush returned as her mother bent to retrieve her panties & hang them on the key rack in the kitchen for display. It was the last of the elegantly emotional rituals Nancy demanded in her domestic discipline ceremony.  It would add to Ashley's lesson & linger nearly as long as the tenderness in her well-spanked seat, for now, when her Daddy & sisters came home, they would all see the surrogate spanking flag & know Ashley had been spanked like a little girl, despite her age & status as eldest child. Her sisters would tease her for the rest of the day & night, of course. And her father a little, too.

But then, except for the tenderness in her bottom that would take days to fade, all would return to normal in the Howard home, Ashley knew. And, for some strange reason, that made her feel as safe & protected as a pampered little girl she padded along to the bathroom behind the woman who loved her enough to spank her so hard when she needed it... Yesterday, today & for many tomorrows to come, too.

The Brightly Blushing End!

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