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Yipes & Yahooo!
It's TRUE!

Fairy tails,
fantasies & dreams DO cum true!

And always, too!

That's the blushing best thing about the spanking-hot stories written by & for
adults with a passion for robustly ritualistic CP featured in EVERY one of our completely cheeky publications, at that...


Please Note: Covers above may not represent most recent issues & definitely don't include ALL of our spanking-hot selections, so don't forget to click here & check them all out after you finish feasting your eyes on the samples below!

proudly presenting
the passionate works of many virgin authors, some one hit wonders & numerous spankingland literary stars past, present & yet to be...

to a cheeky sampling
 of previously published & spanking-new tributes to the Scarlett Hill family's favored style of strictly old-fashioned, with ALL the timelessly thrilling, agelessly chilling, NEVER TOO OLD to be oh-sooo fulfilling traditional trimmings spanking FICTION!

Proudly exhibited with the permission of the artist, Franco.
Click here or pic above for more of his awesome work.

A familiar fantasy cums true in shameful spades for a bad boy boarder when his landlady discovers his naughty mags in... 
A Well-Tempered Tenant!

And then continue in...
A Well-Tempered Tenant!  chapter two

A fun & flaming frolic follows a free-wheeling young hippie's Summer of Dominant Love during the 1960's in... Indian Summer!!

A young husband stumbles over his blushing bride's firm, family secret the hard way in...
The Long Arm of the In-Law!

A wise & wonderful older woman helps clear the mists of newlywed confusion for a troubled young couple by... Sharing the Secret of Domestic Bliss!

A life-time of yearning spills out in a letter & leads to blushing bliss for a thirtyish bachelor in... Going Home Again!

A sizzling story inspired by an editorial headline in the New York Times on the passing of Marlene Dietrich....  La Belle Dame Sans Merci!

Dreams DO cum true when a wife provides an unforgettable anniversary present in...
Close Encounters of A Different Kind!

Lying about a fever proves painful & positively shameful when the rectal thermometer comes out in... A Single Degree of Separation!


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