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For we wickedly wise & enlightened & perpetually persecuted for it admirers of good, old-fashioned Female Domination of the NEVER too old kind...

These ARE
The Good, Old-Fashioned Glory Days!




Brilliantly naughty boyish Nathan
Fillion & sexily stern costar Stana
Katic of TV's cute crime author
helps cops caperer, Castle.

"I'd be happy to let
you SPANK me

"Your [black belt] wife could
probably kick your butt?"

"Ummm... Probably."
"Do we know this for a fact, Jon?"
"Ha, Ha... There's nothing wrong with a good spanking every once in
a while, Juju!"

Rock legend/actor/admirably down-to-earth family man & faithful mate, Jon Bon Jovi & privately practicing spanking spouse, Dorothea???

As legendary rocker, family man, philanthropist, & all around good guy celebrity Mr. Jon Bon Jovi realized, albeit a beautifully blushing bit too late, it's still a little too early & scandalous to make jokes (or sly confessions, Jon? wink! wink!) about being spanked by your wife on American network TV without raising more eyebrows than the pretty ones of a veteran news journalist like 20/20's Juju Chang.

But DO take a peek through these thrilling sightings we managed to catch on network & cable TV— the still-reigning media champ & best barometer around for measuring the shifting sands of societal attitudes— & join us in celebrating what can only be described as a spanking-new age of enlightenment & opportunity for fanciers of firm-handed F-M domination.

After all, it was only 20 years or so ago when sexism still reigned & mainstream mentions of our forbidden forever fetish were still banned from newspapers, books, (Save for  "Abnormal Psychology" tomes.), radio, movies, TV & all but the rarest & zaniest (see right) depiction lest the puffed up peacocks dominating the media risk revealing the shameful TRUTH as to just how close to home the taboo subject hit... Heaven forbid!

Sure, it was okay for a guy to get a little kinky with a leather clad kitten or a garter-belted dame every once in a while.  Variety is the spice of sex as well as life, after all.  But for a man to want, need, or allow himself  be pulled over the lap of a member of the "weaker sex" for anything more than a playful pinch or pat was just too bizarre to believe & dangerous to depict lest all those uppity females who fought their way out of slavery find out what the overgrown boys in their lives were hiding.

Now, it's HARD not to channel-surf across a regular parade of interesting sound-bites, swat-shots AND pants-down plain spanking subplots capitalizing on the never too old to naughty fun & frolic of our formerly forbidden fetish.  There have been so many, in fact, that catching them all is beyond our means, so there's a good chance you saw something we missed.  If so, please do let us know.

However, those that we did manage to catch sufficiently well to offer here (Among the many more we saw but couldn't on popular network shows like Law & Order & the various CSI's!) should suffice to convince even the most secretive "old hands" & pessimistic prognosticators that things really have changed for the blushing better for us & our favorite fetish & the future is brighter than it's ever been.

Of course, no one knows what tomorrow may bring, especially in these ever changing times.  However, it's also true that, barring one of those apocalyptic, sci-fi scenarios where the world as we know it ends & has to start all over, our "shameful little secret" is now out & hardly shameful or little, at all! - MC

During a particularly cheeky "publicity paddling ONLY" photo shoot for his 1948 film, The Fuller Brush Man, zany comic legend, Red Skelton, pulled off this rare She-spanks-He pic over costar Janet Blair's lap to complete a set of three such shots.  The other two featured Red in the more traditional role as the spanker of the lady above & the movie's other attractive female lead, Trudy Marshall.

Columbia Pictures’ satirical 1981 comedy, Neighbors, starring John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, & Cathy Moriarty, sported a sensationally sexy threat  when Belushi, as average working stiff Earl, asks Moriarty, as sexy & strange as heck new neighbor Ramona, to stay for dinner & rebuffs her suggestion to be a good husband & ask his wife if it’s okay. Looking deeply into Earl’s eyes, Ramona husks a line that bowls him over... And us too!
"Don’t argue with me, Earl. You wouldn’t want me to have to pull down your pants & spank your little buns now, would ya?"
The always expressive Belushi does a great job of displaying his character's bowled right over reaction... And  ours!... before he obediently rises & goes to ask his wife... Slowly, with his back towards Ramona, & slightly bent over for a reason we're sure you can guess!

"Ha, Ha... There's nothing wrong with a good spanking every once in a while, Juju!"

Albeit a beautifully blushing bit too late, rock icon, acclaimed actor & Academy Award nominated songwriter Jon Bob Jovi realized that it's still a tad too early to make jokes (or let a secret slip?) about being spanked by your wife on national TV without raising eyebrows.  But we couldn't have been happier that he did or more curious when 20/20's veteran news journalist, Juju Chang, pounced on the opportunity to dig for some more dirt.  much more

"It's quite fun seeing his ass get redder & redder!  I like doing it!  And it works & turns him on!"

Proving what we've always known & allowing Nicky & Andrew, a nice, normal, working class couple living in the picturesque English seaside city of Brighton, to preach about the blushing benefits of spousal spanking play to millions, HBO® did us & the world a service again with The Sex Inspectors: A Real Sex International British Import; a six-part spin-off of their groundbreaking series devoted to delightfully diverse displays of just how kinky we humans are & just how much happier we can be by indulging in rather than denying whatever forbidden fruits we might happen to fancy... much more

"Leonard, I'm going to need you to stand like this... AND brace yourself!"

Popping up on, of all places, NBC's once hugely popular "must see" Thursday night comedy line-up back in January of 2005, millions watched the whackiest & most wonderful for us episode of Will & Grace to air over the sitcom's eight year, multiple Emmy winning run.  Entitled, "Partners", the episode (# 160) revolved around a law firm partnership Will (Eric McCormack) is up for & Grace's (Debra Messing) delightfully disastrous "blind date" efforts to help him get it at the most beautifully bizarre, business-related dinner party we've ever seen on TV.  much more

Schoolroom CP went very public on "Boston Public" when Mrs. Walsh proudly displays her spanking-new paddle to her high school class!

"It was one thing when it was a ruler.
But she's got this paddle thing now!"

Schoolroom CP AND schoolmarm spanking play went very public in Boston & everywhere else on David E. Kelly's second FOX TV series, Boston Public, when the Ally McBeal creator decided to feature familiar character actress Angela Paton (left) as Mrs. Walsh; a seasoned, strictly old-fashioned teacher who gets a little too much pleasure out of her spanking-new paddle & the liberal use of it to enforce her "seat of the pants" educational beliefs in the classroom & elsewhere, too!  much more

"I could bring my paddle. You might like it.  My late husband couldn't get enough!"

"I  think you need a SPANKING!"

EX-Treme Dating, Blind Date, Shipmates, Dismissed, Elimidate, 5th Wheel... Dating & mating shows are hotter than ever, especially in our very favorite way!  Unlike the the sexist, spanking-prohibitionist days of The Dating Game, She-spanks-He references abound.  But the pants-down winner of our highest praises has to be to now cancelled (but still syndicated) EX-treme Dating for the truly thrilling & inspiring number of awesome examples like this & the one below they squeezed into their two season run.  Here, after blind date, Greg, indulges in a bit of boyishly bold horseplay, beautifully brazen bachelorette Angela not only tells him what's on her marvelous mind, she has him pick from 3 thrillingly insightful choices, then more than delivers a playful dose of discipline with a plank-sized paddle to her delight & that of Greg's two EX-girlfriend observers!  much more

A daring "Ex-Treme Dating" darling threatens her shocked, blind date with a brazen threat!

Go for the paddles!!"

Our second, & even more owww-tstanding example of how much things have changed since the innocent, innuendo at best days of THE DATING GAME, this EX-treme date offered a shining example of how much fun ANY adventurous woman can have when she finds out that a naughty boy toy has fallen into the palms of her pretty hands!  The fun here begins when Norma, one of blind date Brandon's exes (& an obvious lover of blushing bad boy butt!) spank-happily reveals his naughty secret & cute little Hooters waitress, Veronica, decides to take FULL advantage of the opportunity to play the Dominant role with her new boy toy... much more

"I'd be happy to
let you SPANK me..."

It's impossible not to stumble across bitchy women bosses, bossy wives, kick ass female cops, & a parade of very interesting She-spanks-He possibilities on TV these "female empowerment" days, but even we were pleasantly surprised when the line above popped up in the 2008 premier episode of the Disney produced & aired ABC TV series, Castle AND in every second season episode when they chose to include the line in the show's intro!  To our disappointment, the producers changed the intro again for season three & the "spank me" line is gone.  But just check out the, "he's writing lines while she watches", ABC promo photo at right if you're not familiar with Castle's cute crime author partners up with tough NYPD cop premise, it's perfectly cast stars, Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic, & it's too numerous to list & too delightfully obvious to dispute scenes of a grown man being scolded, glared down, threatened by, grabbed by the ear, & otherwise treated like a naughty little boy (& LOVING it!) by a no-nonsense about it lady.

Brilliantly naughty boyish Nathan Fillion as Richard "Rick" Castle & sternly sexy Stana Katic as NYPD detective Kate Beckett.

Not only gorgeous, but wickedly wise Angelica Bridges reveals her thrilling secret side!

Wickedly beautiful & wise Baywatch babe Angelica Bridges. Grab courtesy of/copyright E Entertainment channel.

"I like TO SPANK naughty boys!!"

Revealing an even more interesting side of her lovely self than she did on the pages of Playboy or during her runs along the beach as a Baywatch babe, aptly named & sweetly sassy Angelica Bridges really let her hair down during a taped for E Entertainment!  TV interview on Howard Stern's always irreverent, spanking-prone radio show when she responded to Howard's query if she liked "to be spanked" with the snappy declaration above, the no-nonsense look in her eyes at left, & a convincingly sincere threat to, "Come over there & spank YOUR butt if you're naughty today [Howard]!"  A notoriously eager & often rewarded spanker of numerous naughty female bottoms that have sauntered through his studio over the many years he's been a star, Mr. Stern either did not prefer to or didn't dare pounce on Angelica's revelation or do anything for the rest of the interview to test her true sounding spanking beliefs or technique.

"Doesn't a spanking come with this penalty?"

Always a good reflection of the tastes & mores (not to mention the gluttonous marketing methods of modern society!), commercials have changed considerably, too.  It's hardly surprising that venerable blue-chipper AT&T would attempt to attract younger collect callers with a comic known as Carrot Top & a zany series of commercials featuring his silly schtick. However, how we could not be thrilled & fascinated when AT&T's, mutli-commercial ad campaign decided to include "The Top" in a hockey-themed advert that ended with him in the penalty box for fighting & asking the much more attractive than the poor quality grab at left shows (our apologies) lady referee who sent him there the completely cheeky & previously scandalous question above?

Carrot Top resorts to a spanking request in.. of ALL places... an AT&T commercial directed at younger collect callers!!

Zany comic Carrot Top & unknown actress.
Grab courtesy of/copyright AT&T.

Ghost Whisperer stars Jennifer Love Hewitt & on-screen hubby, Jim Clancy. Promo photos courtesy of/copyright CBS TV.

"You know what? I'm going to SPANK YOU! AND HARD!!"

CBS's frightening Friday night hit, The Ghost Whisperer, is supposed to be spooky, what with sexy star Jennifer Love Hewitt (as Melinda Gordon) seeing dead folks who've yet to cross over into the light everywhere she turns. But it was a single line in a simple, domestic scene shot in the kitchen of the home she shares with show husband David (played by Jim Clancy) in part one of the two part first season finale (air date: April 28, 2006, episode #21, entitled "Free Fall") that really sent shivers up & down our spine!  In the middle of a discussion concerning the disappearance of all the spirits she normally sees, sexy Jennifer replies to a wisecrack from her hubby with the fetching line below, which blew us away & begs the question... Why did she have to add "And hard?" Hmmmm??  It made us wonder &, hopefully, the reference made some of GW's mostly female viewers wonder & wish that Melinda had followed through on her threat to her handsome screen hubby!

"Do you want me to turn you over my knee?"..."Okay! Okay! I'm going."

Martin Sheen has played many parts in his long, illustrious acting career, but we couldn't help picturing him in the pomp & circumstance role he's been most famous for recently— that of U.S. President Josiah Bartlet on NBC's white house drama, The West Wing & snickering in our seats at his anything but bizarre antics when he showed up as a guest star on his son Charlie's hit CBS sitcom, Two & a Half Men. (episode #55, "Sleep Tight Puddin' Pop", air date 11-7-05) Playing the Dad of whacky, one-night-stand-turned-Charlie-stalker series regular, Rose (played by Melanie Lynskey), Martin (as Harvey) proves equally whacky when he latches on to Charlie's Mom, Evelyn Harper (played by Holland Taylor) after a one night stand of their own. Unable to pry Harvey from her life or house for the length of the episode, Harvey's Mom Margaret (played by June Squibb) finally succeeds when she shows up at Charlie's house & marches Martin/Harvey home after the cheeky bit of never too old negotiation never heard on Pennsylvania Avenue above.

Not so presidential West Wing star, Martin
Sheen, & no-nonsense, Two & a Half Men
mom, June Squibb. 

Popular character actress Gail O'Grady &
Charlie Sheen, real bad boy star of spank-friendly hit CBS TV series, Two & a Half Men.

"Don't be naughty!"..."Why, are you going to spank me?"..."I might!"..."I might let you."..."Now you're definitely going over my knee!"

Cashing in on Charlie Sheen's reputation & admitted experience, the CBS TV hit sitcom starring the notorious Hollywood bad boy has proven very friendly indeed to kinky folk since it's debut. But even we were pleasantly surprised when our favorite fetish cropped up again (see above) so soon on the April 24, 2006 episode (#68, "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro.") featuring sexy guest star Gail O'Grady (former star of NYPD Blue, American Dreams) as Mandi, cocksman Charlie's (Harper/Sheen) newest bedmate & mother of Kandi, the dumb but so hot who cares young lover of Jon Cryer's character, clueless brother Alan Harper.

"Quiet down or you'll get

This one isn't from TV, but it's sooo cool that we didn't think you'd mind... During the Florida recount battle that decided the tense 2000 U.S. Presidential election between Democrat Al Gore & eventual Republican winner George W. Bush, outspoken Rep. Barbara Cubin (R, WY), reportedly protested, "We are bending over & taking it from the Democrats!", in a strategy meeting about hanging "chads" & the legalities of chads.  When some of her colleagues were alarmed by the Congresswoman's rather un-family-values-esque image, she snapped the threat above... One which many frustrated American taxpayers would no doubt second in a second if given the chance... One that may make some wish to move to Wyoming & could vote for this unusually insightful & outspoken politician... And one that, most importantly of all, illustrates just how far out of the closet our naughty secret has come!!  Quotes/photo courtesy of Mother Jones magazine, Diddly Awards Feature, September/October 2002

Congress woman Barbara Cubin, Wyoming... Our kind of gal!!
U.S. Congresswoman Barbara
(R, WY)


Only you know if & should decide when, where & how you can capitalize on these golden days of opportunity. And we certainly don't want to rush you or suggest you do.  "Coming out" is a difficult decision since things haven't evolved as much as we'd want them to yet.  But we do hope this page, our site, something else somewhere,  & the relative ease & safety the internet really does offer over "the bad old days" will inspire you to take your first steps out of your personal closet & into the exciting reality, camaraderie &, no exaggeration, ladies, the confidence-building worship of the world that awaits you sooner rather than later.

Of course, if you do decide to peek, step or jump out of the shadows ladies or gents, we also hope you'll trust in us to help make your coming out party as hot, happy & safe as we've proudly managed to do for many newbies like you since the still bad old days of 1990 when mainstream sightings like those included here were still as rare as any other form of She-spanks-He entertainment. - Barb & Michael




Please do note that ALL material on this site & contained within our fanzines & flicks is the internationally copyright protected property of us old-fashioned spankers at Scarlett Hill Entertainment &/or the original creators as noted & thus may not be reposted, republished or reused in any form without our express written consent.  And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257 pertaining to the publication of photography & film in an electronic media as we have always insisted it be on our own as responsible adults.