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Proudly serving & satisfying the foolishly forbidden fancies of F/M devotees SINCE 1990,
Scarlett Hill IS the spank-happy HOME of the
planet's eldest family of
FemDom ONLY Fanzines!

Some well-deserved brag to be sure, butt...

we'd like you to & think you should know about us, our passions, pleasures & our quest to expand the active international Sisterhood of Lady Spankers & Brotherhood of NEVER too old to be naughty boys!

Proud publishers of the world's once ONLY regularly scheduled, strictly Sister-spanks-Mister themed fanzine when No-Nonsense Ladies premiered in 1991 (cover above)...

And many MORE times over the ensuing years with bigger & better issues of NNL plus additional, by popular naughty demand  titles for many more nicely naughty She-scolds-strips-spanks-He tastes...

Including some that delve into FemDom desires & ultimate submissions way beyond just spanking alone!

Founded in the still dark, pre-net, print & trench coat only days of 1990 by five frustrated spankers of various passions back,  C. D. Publishing as Scarlett Hill was then known DID set out to serve & satisfy the sadly neglected needs of She-scolds-strips-spanks-He fans when our spanking-first, F-M included newsletter, Strictly Speaking Spanking, knocked the knickers off the small, sexist, active adult spanking underground & industry of those very different days.

Again in January 1992 with the BY POPULAR demand premier (cover left)... And "they" said it would never happen!... of America & the world's then ONLY regularly scheduled, strictly Sister-spanks-Mister themed fanzine, No-Nonsense Ladies...

Yet again many times & in many ways over the ensuing years with more flaming fanzines, flicks, & products as well as our entry into the spanking social scene with our still talked about She-spanks-He included spanking weekend in New Jersey, first ever strictly She-spanks-He socials ever in the NYC area, & similar socials for our West Coast fans in San Francisco's Bay area.

We've also proudly encouraged, introduced & recommended The Naughty Victorian, the publications of Desiree LeMoyne & Jennifer Brooks, the personal services of Margaret Davis, Madame Maya, Chantal Sauvage, Tara Wells, Mystie Grey & sites such as Aunt Kay's The Disciplinary Wives Club, & numerous other Fem-Male sources when they were starting out.

We've also mourned the loss of many of those same sources as they faded away after successful runs.  But we are STILL here & still going strong with a steady stream of spanking-new stuff for our old-fashioned FemDom fans.  We also plan to be here & better far into the future thanks to this site & sensational new way to reach untold numbers of kindred Sister-spanks-Mister spirits in corners of the world wide web we could never reach before.

And the last fact we'd like to leave YOU to ponder now that you've reached us... And, hopefully, we've reached you right back via the Sister-spanks-Mister material & products featured on this site!... is that we welcome & need YOUR comments, recollections, flights of literary/artistic fancy, mainstream/web finds, or whatever else you can contribute to our cause as much now as we did when we began back in the "dark ages" & were gifted with the generous support of our original friends & fans.

After all, since you're here & reading this, you have to have something to share lurking in the recesses your secret memories or never too old to naughty soul.  Please don't keep it to yourself!  That's NO FUN at all!! But, as ALL of our contributors have agreed, sharing it & knowing that kindred spanking spirits are enjoying your spanking memories, fantasies, facts & opinions is!!  It is also easier & safer than it used to be to do so with e-mail, the relative safety & anonymity of the net, & a friendly, confidential & humbly historic haven like ours to do it in.

So, PLEASE DO join our quest! You won't be sorry & neither will we!! - Michael & Barbara




Please do note that ALL material on this site & contained within our fanzines & flicks is the internationally copyright protected property of us old-fashioned spankers at Scarlett Hill Entertainment &/or the original creators as noted & thus may not be reposted, republished or reused in any form without our express written consent.  And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. ยง 2257 pertaining to the publication of photography & film in an electronic media as we have always insisted it be on our own as responsible adults.