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the foolishly forbidden fancies of spank smitten
ADULTS of most naughty & stern, NEVER TOO OLD
tastes & persuasions SINCE the still dark, print & trench coat only, pre-net days of 1990
unlike these once proud, spanker published
& supported publications past...


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After all, this IS a spanker owned, operated & supported enterprise that has thrived & survived since 1990 with the help of fans & friends much like you who took the risk of revealing themselves &, without exception, were very spank-happy that they did!  There's just nothing like FINALLY finding someone that not only shares your enthusiasm for our perpetually misunderstood & secretive fetish, but understands what it's all about & wants, needs & loves to hear what you have to say about it.  It's downright exhilarating!

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Warmest pants-down possible regards! - Michael & Barbara, your old-fashioned hosts

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of our spanking-first newsletter issue in 1990 above, & first by popular naughty demand  spinoff a year later, below.



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