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A fond & familiar fantasy springs to flaming life when a tempting but troublesome 18-year-old is sent to live with her Aunt, THE COP, for some strictly old-fashioned straightening out in this MAGICAL big girls DO cry domestic discipline psychodrama starring Desiree LeMoyne & Diane Parker...

Naughty Niece's Sound Spankings!
An "absolutely outstanding" maternalistic domestic discipline video featuring:
Ear-burning scolding!  2 hard OTK hand spankings!  AND a totally
sobbing like a sorry, sore-bottomed little girl climax!!

Troublesome Tiffany is sent to live with her Aunt Marie? a tough cop in the story & in Desiree's real life, too!? after all efforts at home to correct her ill behavior are exhausted.

Used to getting her way, Tiffany is angered by the sudden, strict turn of events & moreso when her Aunt insists on treating her like a naughty child, up to & including curfews, groundings, & spanking threats! Tiffany is 18 &, in fact, taller than her Aunt.

But she isn't nearly as strong or tough & neither is her ass when her frustrated Aunt finally turns her over her knee for the first of 2 REAL rump roastings with the flat of her remorseless palm while she scolds & shames her more.

Tiffany finally gets the message, but not before real tears & heartfelt sobs are shed in this familiar yet MAGICALLY GOOD psychodrama thanks to the chemistry & trust that developed between the 2 lovely & lifelong Lady spanking devotee stars who conceived the storyline & REALLY got into making it come true!!

It was a rare, unforgettable pleasure indeed watching it happen from behind the cameras &, thankfully for all, one that was caught on film & can be readily shared by anyone lucky enough to view it, too!

Naughty Niece's Sound Spankings!
A strictly old-fashioned, fantasy-come-true adult CP psychodrama featuring genuine D/s devotees strutting their naughty/stern stuff in a sassy, spontaneous, real raw-ass reaction flick starring Desiree LeMoyne & Diane Parker!

Yours to keep & enjoy forever
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from BOTH scorching scenes in this particular "Seeing IS Believing" adult CP psychodrama & MANY MORE via our studio on, a solid site with a safe & frustration proof system for buying & downloading all the Scarlett Hill Studio's thrills you can handle! Click here to go to our studio & get ALL the seat-squirming, nail-biting, real raw-ass reaction spanking you want & deserve right now!

Changing a big bad brat into a well-behaved young lady takes time, effort, determination AND more than a couple of cheek-to-cheek discipline sessions...

Naughty Niece's Sound Spankings 2!

A rare sequel that lives up to the acclaimed original features more outstanding Female-Female Domestic Discipline!!


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