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Thanks FOR taking a peek at the perfectly cheeky Scarlett Hill publication featured on this page!

PACKED with pages & commercial ad free pages of the same cheek blushing style of sassy, not too trashy, strictly spanker-crafted treats featured on this site...

Color version of cover art below, just one of the many eye-catching but sadly gray-scale pieces of original & mainstream art featured in these fetching e-mags!

This time in...
...TWO rip-roaring collections of all original, illustrated spanking & CP stories set in the rough & tumble, ever popular American Wild West! Cowboys, saloon sirens, shopkeepers, stern fathers & other captivating characters from America's favorite historical period come alive & put a different kind of brand on the proud & pretty flanks of their fiery fillies!

Tan HER Hide Tales
of the Wild West!

Volumes 1 & 2

Since every red-blooded cowboy likes a little cowgirl-cowgirl action, too, each mostly Male-Fem volume also contains a thrilling taste of flaming Fem-Fem fiction & art!

Popular leading man Gilbert Roland paddles costar Ramsay Ames' cute caboose with a convenient flake of firewood in this still from the 1946 western, Beauty & the Bandit, one of a number of spanking-hot old Hollywood cowboy CP stills reprinted in West Vol. 2 feature!

Get your copies fast via an easily downloadable, readily enjoyable, print-it-yourself-able, cover-to-cover complete E-Mag edition for only $10.00!
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Tan Her Hide Tales, Vol. 1
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Tan Her Hide Tales, Vol. 2
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