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She's ALL grown up into a voluptuous vixen who makes her living making men drool, but when Big Brother Bill catches her living a lie & a dangerous double life as an exotic dancer in New York City's hottest club, this little Sis learns the hard way that not all men are blinded by her bounteous charms & she will NEVER be too old for a tearful trip over the knees of the big brother who helped raise her the old-fashioned way in...

The simply sensational spankee debut of sexy & spirited Alexis Taylor:
Sassy Sister's

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Little sisters know that big brothers can be a real pain in the ass, but few are as wise as big brother Bill when he stumbles across his sexy but sneaky Lil Sis's secret & gets an earful of attitude when he tries to talk her back on the right track.

Big Brother resorts to the only tried & true method he knows of to "get through" to his headstrong sister! Dragging her to a nearby couch, he quickly turns her over his knee & takes advantage of her barely there exotic dancer's outfit, which leaves both beautiful globes of her bottom bare & vulnerable to his cracking palm.

Alex snarls, spits & squeals at being treated like a child, especially since she's just come home from work where she had every man drooling & doing his best to win her attention with handfuls of cash. But Bill doesn't give a damn &, when Alex refuses to listen, he sets to spanking some sense into her beautiful bottom until it glows.

Alex is then ready to listen to anything Bill has to say. But, in view of the big bucks she earns, she isn't quite ready to quit her dangerous job. Soooo... Big Bro sends her into the bedroom to change into something more modest & the promise of as much punishment as it takes to change her mind.

Alex's sassy spirit returns in the safety of her boudoir & instead of changing into something sensible... And thickly padded panties!... she decides to don an outfit that matches her taunt when she tells her big bro, "Since you're treating me like a teenager, I thought I might as well look like one!"  Silly girl! And a sorry one too by the time Bill finishes spanking sense into her shapely seat & gentle tears out of her big brown eyes. 

Featuring 3 separate OTK spanking sequences, great extemporaneous dialogue, scolding, corner time & beautiful, breathtaking & naturally bratty, real-life exotic dancer Alexis Taylor in her spankee video debut... &, sadly, her ONLY such SHE/other as far as we know spankee role since she moved to New Orleans shortly after, though not because, of this shoot... this flaming flick is a MUST for all serious M-F spanking collectors & fans!!

Featuring 3 separate OTK spanking sequences, great extemporaneous dialogue, scolding, corner time
& beautiful, breathtaking & naturally bratty, real-life exotic dancer Alexis Taylor in her spankee video exclusive!

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Sassy Sister's Spankings!
A strictly old-fashioned, fantasy-come-true adult CP psychodrama featuring genuine D/s devotees strutting their naughty/stern stuff in a sassy, spontaneous, real raw-reaction flick featuring the stunning debut of awesome Alexis Taylor!

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