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SEE for yourself & YOU WILL BELIEVE!
Grown men & women really do revert to big bad boys &
girls when they're scolded, stripped & soundly spanked
by a diehard devotee of strictly old-fashioned discipline!! On this page...

Homestyle Domestic Discipline!

Our first static camera "Home Video" release features no scripts, cameramen, or anything to interrupt the VERY intimate, absolutely genuine, tear-drenched mood of a REAL old-fashioned, NEVER TOO OLD punishment spanking for one of SHE's most popular video stars, Diane Parker!

Reality IS the ultimate fantasy for many spanking men & never too old to be naughty girls at heart, but few find a way to put themselves in a position to make their disciplinary dreams cum true.

However, it does happen &, if you're a man who has made his lifelong spanking desires a reality like SHE founder, Michael C., it happens often enough to learn a few tricks to reach & teach naughty lasses lessons that last long after they've been let loose to rub their burning bottoms.

Such is the case in this

& his real-life friend, playmate & new SHE video star, Diane Parker, it happens often enough for Michael to decide to resort to one of his tricks to teach his younger charge an even more memorable lesson than usual when she misbehaves again & breaks one of the clearly defined rules of their spank-happy relationship.

Diane had appeared in 2 spanking role-play videos prior to this but she doesn't like it this first time when she finds out that Michael often uses video to make sure his naughty charges never can forget a serious session over his knee... How can they when they're given a copy & ordered to watch it whenever they start getting too big for their britches?!

No, Diane doesn't like the idea of one of her real spankings caught on tape one bit. In fact, she repeatedly asks her experienced disciplinarian to turn off the camera & keep this punishment private like those that have come before. But that would defeat the purpose, now wouldn't it?

So Michael refuses... Something Diane knows she cannot do, so the camera remains to capture it all... From the beginning when Diane is made to change into her personal punishment outfit until the bitter end when 2 tripod placed cameras catch her shameful, sobbing surrender to the purely punitive spanking Michael administers before she is sent to stand in the corner & think about her naughtiness like all well-spanked young ladies should!




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