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Another particularly popular fantasy flickers to flaming life when a pain-in-the-ass new stepbrother is physically FORCED to endure the strictly shameful Domestic Discipline & Domination he deserves when his bigger, stronger...

Takes Charge!

the simply stunning F/M debut of popular spankee star & every blushing day D/s lifestyler Diane Parker's devilishly delightful AND delighted
Dominant side!

In a thrilling theme torn from modern family life & the pages of No-Nonsense Ladies, a blended family becomes a battleground between the spoiled, resentful & smart-mouthed 5'5", 115 pound, 20 year-old son of the father & his intimidating older step-sister, Diane, a shapely, statuesque brunette who stands 6'1" in her bare feet.


Bobby hates his new family life & begins to lash out at his step-sister, who puts up with her new step-brother's bad attitude, slurs, & barbs for the sake of the family until her patience is totally exhausted! The final straw comes one fateful day when Bobby deliberately returns Diane's borrowed car after the promised time, then shrugs off her protests & drowns her out by turning the TV up so loud the house nearly shakes.


Livid, Diane snaps & decides it's time to stop understanding & to start modifying Bobby's behavior through old-fashioned means... Whether her bratty step-brother wants her to or not!

as one of or THE "VERY BEST" FemDom spanking flicks they'd EVER seen by MANY more than one pleased big bad boy since it's acclaimed premier!!

Diane's overwhelming size & strength win out after Bobby's brief, fruitless struggle, then the small young man is stripped & bare bottom spanked & paddled until his bottom & thighs are glowing & he's bawling for mercy that finally comes... But doesn't last long!

NOT with such a little snot as Bobby in the house & NOT since Diane has tasted the power of Dominating him, which she does to the tens when Bobby is naughty again! This time, she strips her small but developed stepbrother stark naked, spanks him hard with a heavy ivory hairbrush & REALLY humiliates him to the core when she feels his naughty, nasty arousal poking against her thigh!

Ordering Bobby to stand & keep his hands away from his rock-hard cock, Diane gives him hell for his perversion while he sniffles and blushes as red as he can at her scathing words AND the stinging swats she directs at the head of his man-sized dick!

Then it's off to the corner where big stepsis turns her little stepbro under her strong arm & hand spanks him until he's hopping & howling again!

Bobby can't resist rubbing his red rump as his sexy, scantily-clad stepsister stands gloating behind him... Enjoying the power of total Female Domination as she never has before... But vows she will again!!

AND SHE DOES with even more wicked & wild abandon in THE most demanded & equally well received sequel in SHE Studio's history:

Stern Stepsister Takes   TOTAL Charge!

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Stern Stepsister Takes Charge!
A strictly old-fashioned, fantasy-come-true adult CP psychodrama featuring the delightfully wicked F/M debut of former SHE spankee star, Diane Parker!

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