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Another eye-popping piece of visual proof that
These ARE the good, old-fashioned days!
for we perpetually persecuted fanciers of good,
old-fashioned, NEVER TOO OLD SPANKING!

Spanking-Hot Singles!
Ex-Treme Dating, Blind Date, Shipmates, Dismissed, Elimidate, 5th Wheel...

Mating shows are hotter than ever, especially in our very favorite ways!

To spice up their Blind Date date, Christian & Blake-- a professed Dominatrix by trade. One of many that curiously seem to pop up on the various singles' shows--- make a "loser gets spanked" bet over a game of pool. As you can see, she loses, takes her couple of swat spanking like a trooper, & gives the show the opportunity to make the most of the cheeky interlude, as all of them most definitely do whenever & wherever they can!

Single & spankless?
Lucky you!!

As these 3 hands-on pieces of proof we've managed to capture among the many more spanking-related moments sprinkled throughout all of today's dating shows clearly demonstrate, times & societal attitudes sure have changed for spank-minded singles (& the rest of us, too!) since the sexist, innocent innuendo days of The Dating Game!

As a matter of fact, inhibited singles seem to be the exception to the rule these days & those with spanking on their minds don't seem to face any of the shame or "how do I probe for possibilty" problems many of us older hands spent countless hours anguishing over in our searches for that special partner.

On the contrary, today's singles don't have the slightest hesitation asking questions that used to get faces slapped, revealing their kinkiest desires, or putting potential partners to the test on the very first date!

While we would never presume to suggest that singles willing to bare it all (as some readily do!) on TV represent the average, spank-minded single next door, it does seem safe to say that they & the many other adult spanking references sprinkled throughout mainstream entertainment these "good, old-fashioned days" do represent a spanking-new age of acceptance of our fetish & a blushing bright future for us all...

And most especially for the perennially persecuted among us who buck traditional sexist stereotypes & seek a Female-spanks-Male relationship. As we have been saying since 1990 & has now become clearly apparent, women who spank ARE OUT THERE & finally stepping forward to freely express their previously forbidden, firm-handed feelings. Oh my! These really ARE the good, old-fashioned days!!

"I think you need a...
After a bit of boyishly bold horseplay by Ex-Treme Dating blind date, Greg, even more brazen bachelorette Angela not only tells him what's on her marvelous mind... more


Go for the paddles!"
When one of Brandon's exes happily reveals his kinky secret, his Ex-Treme Dating blind date, Veronica, takes FULL advantage of the opportunity to play the Dominant role... more


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